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Wild has always loved being free in the world and has been travelling and moving around since she was teensy tiny. Born in Seattle, Washington, she’s currently in her fourth house, and loves experiencing new places and activities. Speaking of which, Wild has participated in over nine extracurriculars throughout her life, but has only ever chosen to stick with performing. She found FUNKMODE through several of her friends who had been dancing there for several years, and started when she was 11 years old. Although immensely shy at first, Wild has blossomed into a dancer and person unafraid of expressing herself to the people around her.

On the topic of performing, it has always been something that brought the most joy to Wild’s life. She did ballet for a short amount of time when she was little, which was her first taste to the world of performing. However she knew that the extreme control and balance of ballet was not for her. So, she started musical theater going into second grade. That she loved, and has stuck with ever since. When Wild found FUNKMODE, she realized that it was what she was looking for. She got the chance to have fun, perform, dance, and learn how to transform into the person she wanted to become. To her, dance is a haven from the judgement, drama, and pressure from the outside world. It is a place where she can be herself surrounded by amazing people who share her passion.

Wild wanted to audition for miniMODE after her first year at FUNKMODE, but didn’t have the courage to do so, and felt that it was too soon to be going into a much higher pressure class. After her second year, she felt that she was ready to take on the challenge, and auditioned with some helpful pushing from her supportive friends. She was absolutely ecstatic when she got in that year, and proceeded to have one of the most fun and personal growth inducing experiences of her life. Wild is thrilled to be embarking on her third year with FUNKMODE’s youth performance crew, miniMODE, and to continue developing as a dancer and as a person.


Fun facts about me ...

- I love animals, especially my own
- I am an extremely opinionated person
- I have been acting for seven years
- I have been playing the viola for five years
- I am learning Spanish
- I love travelling
- I love reading and writing
- I love meeting new people
- I am a pacifist
- I have a lot of love in my heart

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