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DANCE CLASSES (Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Cardio Dance, Breakdancing)

"If there was ever a studio I belonged to where I felt the freedom to be me without judgment, it is FUNKMODE. You are the best." - Nikki C.

If you're here for Hip Hop dance classes, you're in the right place. We have Hip Hop for all ages from three years old to adults (yes, even for adorable preschoolers and even more adorable 40-somethings). We have classes for aspiring B-boys and B-girls which teach break dancing, Hip Hop history and general coolness. And our Jazz class for adults is not just one of the only true adult Jazz classes you can find around here but also filled with students that swear it's a haven of fun, universal acceptance and weekly sanity. And those classes are just the beginning. Check out these sections, where you can find our schedule, read class descriptions, review our carefully crafted curriculum, register for classes, get started with private lessons, get answers to your most FAQs, discover all the music we're currently bumpin on our class playlist, read testimonials from our wonderful and loving students and even learn about our GIGANTIC annual spring show.

So, take a look around and get ready to find out how we earned the first three letters of our name. We can't wait for you to join the FUNKMODE family!

"Monday always feels like a Monday, until I get to class. Then it feels AWESOME!" - Cindy C.

FUNKMODE Adult Hip Hop Dance Class Photo