Over two consecutive weekends in May, we have opportunities to perform at local events. The first is the Pleasant Hill Art, Wine & Music Festival. For that performance, we need both youth and adult performers. The second is at KidFest in Concord, for which we need youth performers only. The Pleasant Hill event is one performance only in the afternoon on Saturday, May 20th. KidFest is three performances over three days during the afternoons on Memorial Day Weekend. If you or your child are interested in performing at either of these, contact a FUNKMODE instructor immediately or email us at info@funkmode.com. There is no cost to participate in these performances, but you do need to be available to learn the dances and rehearse.


Come march with FUNKMODE in the Clayton Pride Parade. There will be a small and easy four 8-count repeater of choreo to learn that will be performed from time-to-time as we march along the procession. We will send that choreo out by video to all who want to participate. And, any and all are welcome to march with us, as long as they're down to rep for FUNKMODE and PRIDE. Email us at info@funkmode.com and tell us exactly who you have on board to join.


What: An early evening of hanging out with your FUNKMODE family
When: Saturday, 6/17, 4-6pm
Where: Massés in Walnut Creek
Who: FUNKMODE students + their family and friends
Cost: Free!


Usually once a session, we open up all of our classes to everyone for free. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet of dance! Stay connected with us in class or on social media to find out when the next one is coming up.

These are our quarterly themed dance parties for kids. During these 3-hour extravaganzas of fun, we play games, have contests, serve food, have sing-a-longs, teach dances and anything else we can think of that fits the theme. Not only is this a great time for kids, but it gives parents a sweet window of time to get some time out on the town for themselves.

A one-hour themed cardio dance class is followed by rage-all-night after party at our studio. This event is a perfect way to burn off some steam and then socialize with the FUNKMODE family. Adults only!

We have some talented students at FUNKMODE. So, we came up with a special event for them to show off their stuff. And, by "them", we mean YOU! Do you sing, dance, juggle, tell jokes, rap, ride a unicycle or some other kind of amazingly entertaining thing? Then you need to perform at the next Cabaret. This event happens twice a year and is followed by an after party at our studio.

Once a session we hold special workshops that allow us to focus on some specialty aspect of dance. It could be a specific dance style, dance technique, or even a more general topic like how to take care of your body as a dancer. Keep an eye on our schedule for what kind of workshop we'll be hosting next.



It’s cold outside, but it’s about to get HOT in here!

Let’s keep it sexy this holiday season, and strut our stuff to a Christmas classic.
Monday, 12/20, 7-8pm
18+ only
All levels welcome
No experience needed
Wear your holiday gear!


The Cabaret is back and we want YOU to perform!

What: Adult Performance Showcase
When: Saturday, 11/13, 8pm
Who: Any FUNKMODE student over age 18 can participate
Who 2: Any family + friends are welcome to attend
Tickets: Available @ Eventbrite
Performers: Email cara@funkmode.com to sign up


Learn to do the original music video choreography to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!

We will be hosting a one-hour workshop for all students family and friends who want to master the moves just in time for their Halloween parties!

When: Sunday, 10/24, 11am
Who: Anyone age 8+ including FM Students, siblings and friends


On Saturday, October 23rd from 6-9pm, FUNKMODE is hosting a PARTY, yo! Yeah, that's right ... like a crazy Halloween'd-costume'd-danced-out-food'd-out-Thriller-dancing-funtime-game'd kinda thing. (p.s. that entire preceding sentence is copyrighted).

What: Halloween Costume Dance Party
When: Saturday, 10/23, 6-9pm
Who: All kids ages 5-15 - Open to FM Students, siblings and friends


Studio Funky4 is ready to help you rock, skate, roll, and bounce to your favorite 70's tracks all night long, baby!

Feelin' some bellbottoms? Wanna be a disco diva or a peace loving hippie? Show off your 70's flava in the costume contest, strut your stuff down the Soul Train line, and get ready to enter the lip sync battle with some friends.

Can't wait to see you all there as we turn the studio into the FUNKIEST place on Earth!

When: Saturday, 2/29
Time: 8pm til the disco ball stops spinnin'
Who: Ages 18+, Non-FM students welcome


What have we got in store for you this year? How about ...
A food drive benefitting Monument Crisis Center, Unlimited Classes Raffle, All-ages FamJam (free), MOVE! Class (free), Adult Karaoke and Bowling outing, Coloring Contest for kids, Guess-How-Many-Candies-Are-In-The-Jar Contest, Dress-up Spirit Week, After-class Hangouts, plus in-class giveaways and prizes.

That sound like enough to show you how much we ALL LOVE you? See the calendar at the studio for specific dates and times for each event.


All Love Week is back with a full plate of events, activities and giveaways to show you just how much we all love you. Look around this page to see what's going on this year.


Ever wish you could take a dance class with your whole family? On Sunday, 2/6 from 11am-Noon, you'll have your chance at our annual FamJam. It's free, and space is limited, so you gotta sign up as soon as possible.


At Noon on Sunday, 2/6, we invite you to come up to Willow Pass Road right outside our studio to wave signs of love to people driving down the street. Sign up here and bring the whole family.


6pm, Tuesday, 2/8
7:30pm, Thursday, 2/10
10am, Saturday, 2/12
Open to all adult students
Space is limited
Sign up here


As part of All Love Week, we're hosting a free Game Night for all of our Tween and Teen students. Here dem deets ...
7-10, Friday, 2/11
Ages 11/18
Video Games, Board Games, Physical Games
Non-FM students welcome


Really. We are doing an adult Prom complete with decorations, a punch bowl, DJ, fancy dresses and cummerbunds. Ride solo, bring a +1 or roll deep with your friends. But, whatever you do, don't wait. Hit that register button below to get your tickets.

Time: 7pm til we shut it down
Day/Date: Saturday, 2/12
Ages: 21+ (non-FM attendees welcome)
Location: FUNKMODE Studios
Tickets: $40


Learn a dance style native to the Bay Area with guest instructor Scorpion. If you're new to TURF dancing, check out this video @ https://youtu.be/JQRRnAhmB58. And, since you're in a video watchin' mood, check this one out of Scorpion doin' what he do on "Lopez Tonight" @ https://youtu.be/qCL_SC-LShQ. Get your spot through the register link below.


Come enjoy two hours of Twerktastic booty shaking with Angel on Monday, 3/21. This is a great chance for anyone new to the style to learn what it's all about.


We're throwing a Pajama Jammy Jam for all the young ones. We're talking food, contests, games and (definitely) dancing all with a Sleepover Theme. Kids, make sure to bring your stuffies and your pillows as we'll use them for our dance and fort building. Non-FUNKMODE students are welcome.


The Cabaret is back and we want YOU to perform!

What: Adult Performance Showcase
When: Saturday, 4/23, 8pm
Who: Any FUNKMODE student over age 18 can participate
Who 2: Any family + friends are welcome to attend
Performers: Email cara@funkmode.com to sign up


Come join us on Saturday, 5/7 from 2-4pm for fun at Round 1 in the Sunvalley Mall. All ages and non-FM students welcome.
Then, if you're an adulty type and want to keep the party going, join us at BJ's (right next door) @ 4pm for food and drinks.
This is the first of a new tradition we are running each session called our All Love Events. Just a way for us to show appreciation for our FUNKMODE Family and give you all a chance to socialize.


The powers of good and evil have taken control of FUNKMODE Studios. We need our youth students to come help us restore balance. Be there on Saturday, 5/14 for contests, games, food and a big ol' dance party where the fate of the night will be decided. Dress up as a superhero or villain and be there for an epic night! Non-FUNKMODE students are welcome.


All classes, all week long are open to new and current students. Now's your chance to try out that class you've had your eye on.


K-Sri's moving on to college, so we're setting up a workshop as a final farewell. This three-week workshop will feature brand new standalone choreography each class created by none other than Shrizzle herself. The cost is $30 and all of the proceeds will go directly to K-Sri for her college adventure.


On Saturday, 6/11, FUNKMODE is partnering with Creative Concord to create a Flash Mob at the Veranda in Concord. This is a free event and non-FM students can join. A choreography video will be provided to learn the dance. Then, on Saturday, 6/25, FUNKMODE will be gathering a group to participate in the Clayton Pride Parade. This is also free and open to non-FM students. As these are two separate community events that FUNKMODE is organizing, you can participate in one or both.


We're trying something completely new for this Jam. We're going with a small group in our Homeroom for a MOVIE NIGHT. We're going to be playing clips of the best family/animated movies of the past few years. And, while we play those clips, we're going to be singing along, dancing along and playing games to each of them. And, while we do all of that, there'll be pizza and popcorn! Though we've never done this before, we expect it to be a super fun night. Warning, space is going to be very limited, as yur Jams usually take up to 50, but this Jam is going waaay downsized to 20 students only. Don't wait ... sign up here!


We're starting a new annual tradition by taking a page out of the original Hip Hop playbook of throwing a Block Party. The block we live on includes all of you, so we're throwing a FREE party for you and your family to attend. We're going to be having live performances by our students. We're going to have a Lip Sync Battle. We're going to play large group games that involve all attendees. And, of course, there'll be food (potluck style), music and dancing. While this is a free event, we want to get an accurate head count, so be sure to sign up here!


All classes, all week long are open to new and current students. Now's your chance to try out that class you've had your eye on. Sign up at the register button below ...


You asked for it ... we're bringing it. At long last, we are putting on a heels class for all of you wanting to learn how to strut your stuff in those wedges and stilettos. This class will be taught by both Cara and Angel and will feature more than just choreo. And, speaking of more, since there's no point in doing all that classroom learning if you never get to practice in real life, we're going out after to dance in those heels! Join us for all the fun by signing up at the link below.


Learn the history and moves of the footwork-based style of dance called House in this 90 minute workshop with Mighty. This is an beginner/intermediate level workshop open to FM students and the general public. See an example of the style @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfnfY4P_Tfw.


It's 10/21, ten days before Halloween, and that means it's time to get ready for the big day. So, put your costume on and we'll get you prepared with games, contests and activities simulating all the best parts of Halloween. Besides that, there'll be pizza, candy, music and, of course, dancing! This will be our biggest party of the year, so register by 10/15 at the link below.

What: Youth Halloween Party
When: Friday, 10/21, 6-9pm
Who: All kids ages 5-11 - Open to FM Students, siblings and friends
Where: FUNKMODE Studios - 1440a Franquette Avenue, Concord


On Saturday, 11/5, we are hosting a free community service event at our studio. We are going to get together and paint rocks with messages of all love, which we are then going to place around our community. We will have some paint, painting tools and rocks, but we encourage you to bring some of your own. And, as the graphic says, all ages and people are invited.


The Cabaret is back and we want YOU to perform!

What: Adult Performance Showcase
When: Saturday, 11/12, 8pm
Who: Any FUNKMODE student over age 18 can participate
Who 2: Any family + friends are welcome to attend


Do you wanna go out dancing, but don't wanna go by yourself? Then come out and dance with the FUNKMODE family on Saturday, 11/19 at Retro Junkie in Walnut Creek. We'll be hangin' out and socializing and eating and drinking and tearin' up the dance floor from 9pm on. Non-FM students welcome. There is no payment to FUNKMODE for this event, but there is a cover charge at the venue.


All classes, all week long are open to new and current students. Now's your chance to try out that class you've had your eye on.


Ever wish you could take a dance class with your whole family? On Saturday, 1/28 @ 11:30am, you'll have your chance at our annual FamJam. It's free, but space is limited, so sign up as soon as you're ready to go, yo!


Dress up in your Winter best and join us for an evening of Winter Olympics inspired games and activities! (dinner included)

When: Saturday, 2/11, 6-9pm
Who: All kids ages 5-11 - Open to FM Students, siblings and friends
Price: $40/attendee
Saturday, 2/11, 6-9pm
Where: FUNKMODE Studios - 1440a Franquette Avenue, Concord


For the entire month of February, FUNKMODE is hosting a food drive for our local food bank, Monument Crisis Center. We will have bins set up in our lobby ready for your donations. See the graphic above for the most needed items and help us support our community in the spirit of all love.


As a follow-up to our popular Heels Dance workshop we held last Summer, we're back with another one focused on teaching you how to move with a chair. We'll teach the fundamentals of using a chair as a prop, as well as next-level skills to make you look like a pro. Both freestyling and choreography will be included in this 90-minute session taught by our own Angel. Heels, socks or bare feet are all accepted. Non-FUNKMODE students are welcome and no experience is necessary. $25/student. Please note that there will be far less water involved than pictured above.


All classes, all week long are open to new and current students. Now's your chance to try out that class you've had your eye on.


What: A whole night of game show inspired fun + prizes + dinner
When: Saturday, 4/15, 6-9pm
Who: Kids age 5-11 (non-FM students welcome
Cost: $40/attendee


The Cabaret is FUNKMODE's bi-annual adult performance showcase. We bring in acts of all kind to put on a show for family and friends to support each other's creativity in the spirit of all love.
When: Saturday, 11/13, 8pm
Who: Anyone over age 18 can attend or perform
Tickets: SOLD OUT


This class will give you a great beginner's foundation into yoga so that you’ll feel confident in class. It’s a great class for someone brand new to yoga as well as the veteran student tuning up their own practice. This is a “how to” on correct form and keeping your body safe during your practice.
Learn all the ins and outs of how to:
- Engage your core properly
- Master the Ujiyah breathing technique
- Execute a Sun Salutation correctly (broken down into stages)
- Release discomfort in the body tissue (ie: back pain, hips, neck, shoulders, sciatica)
- Be able to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
Please bring:
- Yoga mat
- A large beach towel
- Any yoga props you already own like blocks and straps