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What's up FUNKMODE kids? It's time for some TRIVIA!

How much do you know about Hip Hop, Funk, Dance and FUNKMODE? We'll test you on all of these subjects in these challenging quizzes.

To find out how you did on any of these questions, contact us with your answers. We'll get back to you right away with your results. Good Luck!


Need to study up before you take on these quizzes? Learn more than you ever thought possible about Hip Hop culture and history with our "SCHOOL'd by FUNKMODE" lessons


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1) Who won the most recent Grammy for best Rap Album?
2) What group of artists released the landmark rap album “The Low End Theory”?
3) When referring to a song, what is “the hook”?
4) What was the first Hip Hop clothing line? (Hint: it’s not Phat Farm)
5) What is turntablism?
6) Name one Hip Hop artist who has won an Oscar.
7) Which dance style came first, locking or gliding?
8) What is Russell Simmons nickname?
9) Name one special location which FUNKMODE used to shoot their “Rep the Bay” video.
10) Name one of the first graffiti artists to use aerosol paint.
11) What was the name of DJ Kool Herc’s crew?
12) What was the name of the crew Dr. Dre was with before NWA?
13) Which one of the following was NOT a real Hip Hop dance move? Roger Rabbit, Kid N Play, Bobby Brown, Masterpop, Robo Cop, Harlem Shake, Typewriter
14) In what state did the Hip Hop dance style rockin originate?
15) What b-boy move is this guy doing?


1) Name 3 B-boy (breakdance) moves other than a headspin.
2) How many pictures of Mighty are on the very first page of the website?
3) What is Reggaeton?
4) Who founded Def Jam Recordings?
5) Name one famous B-boy crew.
6) What is the real name of the rapper Mos Def?
7) Name one of the three founders of the Hip Hop clothing line Rocawear?
8) What rap duo wrote and performed the famous song "Fight the Power"?
9) What is the code name of the FUNKMODE Performance Company?
10) What is the name of this move?


1) What does the “B” in B-boy stand for? 
2) Who invented the Funk Style dance called popping?
3) Name the five main components of Hip Hop culture.
4) Besides an arm wave, name one other type of wave.
5) What disco song does the famous Hip Hop song “Rapper’s Delight” sample?
6) What rapper’s real name is O’Shea Jackson?
7) Name one Hip Hop clothing line.
8) Name one famous beat boxer.
9) In which field of study is Cara’s degree and from which school did she receive it?
10) What is the name of the style of Hip Hop dance this guy is doing?


1) Name one difference between Funk music and Hip Hop music?
2) Who was the inventor of the Funk Style dance called Locking?
3) Name one of the basic moves of Locking.
4) Name one type of turn that we use in Hip Hop dance.
5) Who wrote the famous Hip Hop song "The Message"?
6) What Hip Hop artist is also known as "The Louis Vuitton Don"?
7) What was the 1st Hip Hop movie?
8) Name 3 famous Funk bands from the 1970s or early 1980s.
9) What word does the "MODE" in FUNKMODE come from?
10) What b-boy move is Mighty doing here?

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