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"Thank you so much for a fantastic show. We thoroughly enjoyed it! You obviously put a tremendous amount of work into it and the creativity really showed through. We particularly enjoyed how each child was recognized and able to play a part. You really are a professional outfit!" - Nicole S.

Our pride and joy since nearly the time FUNKMODE began, the annual spring show has given us opportunity after opportunity to showcase the creativity of our crew and talents of our amazing students.

2020's SHOW

First time being a part of our show? Watch this handy-dandy instructional video first!

COMING SOON: FUNKMODE's first ever musical! More details to come in the beginning of the new year.


COSTUME MEASUREMENTS (in-class): Throughout March

ACTING AUDITIONS (in-class): Starting in Spring Session (4/6)

ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS (cast/crew only, no audiences):
- All-cast script read-through (@ studio)
----- Sun, 4/26, 11am-2pm
- Dress Rehearsal (@ studio)
----- Sun, 6/7, 10-2pm
- Dress Rehearsal (@ theater)
----- Th, 6/11, 6-9pm

- Sat, 6/13, 1pm* (call time Noon)
- Sat, 6/13, 6pm (call time 5pm)
- Sun, 6/14, 11am (call time 10am)
--- All students perform in all three shows
*Students need to be picked up between the two Saturday shows (about 3-5pm)



# of costumes

- Village Theatre, 233 Front St, Danville, CA

- Enrollment in Winter 2020 session (12 weeks - 1/6-3/28): $180
- Enrollment in Spring 2020 session (12 weeks - 4/6-6/27): $180
- Costume: $65/student/class (due by 2/15, $75 after 2/15)
- Tickets: around $20 (only for audience, no ticket necessary for performers)

As we get closer to show time, you'll be able to use this page to check for any and all details having to do with the show. We'll let you know when there is more to see here. Until then, read on to find out about past shows, as well as what exactly goes into making a FUNKMODE original show and why we do it.



Click links to learn more

2014: No Bullies Allowed
2015: How to Succeed in Hip Hop
2016: Project: Party Smash
2018: Hero
2019: Interactive



There are no shortcuts on this journey. Everything from top to bottom is made from scratch and the entire process takes about a year. Ready for a lesson?

In July, the crew meets for as many brainstorm sessions as it takes to establish a concept for the show and then we create a full timeline for its completion. From late July to early September, we write the script. Starting in late September and continuing through the end of the year, we create original songs for each piece in the show and recorde them as rough drafts. Choreographing occurs during November and December as the beats from the songs are being finalized. If we have special props for certain dances (which we frequently do), these have to be procured before January comes around so that the kids can practice with them. Rehearsals start right after Christmas break with parts being assigned through auditions and dances being taught. While the costumes are conceptualized during the previous Summer, it takes seeing the actual kids to set them in stone. The Spring is when we usually have those set and we start distributing them at that time. In April, we also start professionally rerecording all of the songs, preparing them for the show and the release of a new FUNKMODE album. Sets are usually the last thing to be constructed, therefore this also starts in Spring. In May, we record any video to be used for the production, such as interludes or backdrops, a unique aspect of FUNKMODE stage shows. Somewhere in there, we also take care of necessary housework like booking the theater, creating marketing, communicating with our families, building a show crew, and dealing with the usual last-minute disasters and drama.

Yes, a lot of work goes into making this show. And yes, we wouldn't have it any other way. Here's why ...

No Bullies Allowed Show Photo 1

By creating a completely original show, we are able to develop material that is current and entertaining while also evoking the full potential of each person involved. Every single part in this show is created specifically for the performers involved. They are the first thing we think of when conceptualizing and scripting. We even get right down to assigning specific parts for specific kids. Quiet kids are pushed to speak up. Exuberant kids are allowed to shout out but also taught to share the spotlight. Some excellent dancers are challenged to act and actors challenged to dance. We couldn't do that in the same way with a prescripted show. Futhermore, building this show from the ground up allows us to have each performer’s input which is essential to us as we want every person involved to feel like they have creative ownership of the project. Every line, song, dance and piece is either directly created or inspired by a performer. In the end, it is they who create the show. Finally, FUNKMODE strives to be more than a dance company. We want to be complete performers who take full advantage of every moment we have in front of an audience. We expect the same of all our students which is why these shows are filled with so much more than dance. This gives our kids the opportunity to grow in ways that would not be possible if we only taught them to dance. And, it allows us to give our audiences, not just a simple recital, but a complete entertainment experience. We believe this is what our students and our audiences deserve. You can expect that with every show you see and are a part of, you will have our best.

We look forward to what's coming this Spring and having you and your family on board for the journey!

All love - FUNKMODE

No Bullies Allowed Show Photo 1