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"I really enjoy learning about Hip Hop as I really hadn't been exposed much to it coming from a very conservative family and growing up only playing and listening to classical music. I checked out the SCHOOL'd section of the web site I wanted to tell you how informative it is! Keep up the great work!" - Angela L.

You want to become a Hip Hop expert? Learn the info below and you’re on your way, yo!

Almost every single week of our Fall, Winter and Spring sessions, FUNKMODE releases a Hip Hop culture/history lesson for all of our students at home and on the web. These lessons cover everything from the birth of Hip Hop music to the current state of graffiti art. If there is something to know in Hip Hop, you can bet you are gonna find it right here. Every lesson also has questions at the end for those of you looking to gain more knowledge for yourself on the topic. Each lesson also has a few words or phrases of Hip Hop slang to deepen your Hip Hop vocabulary. We believe strongly in the importance of these lessons to all those choosing to be a part of the culture. In fact, our Youth Performance Companies, miniMODE and microMODE, are required to turn in these lessons weekly as a part of their training.

If you have a suggestion about a future topic, go to our contact us page and email us with the phrase "SCHOOL'd Idea" in the "subject" line. Now go get SCHOOL'd!

SCHOOL'd Hip Hop Lessons Graphic

What is Hip Hop Dancing – Part 1 - Go dumb, Daps/Pounds, Rep/reppin/represent

What is Hip Hop Dancing – Part 2 - SLANG: Frontin, biting, haterade

Evolution of Rap - SLANG: Spit, whip, game

Birth of Hip Hop Music – SLANG: Off the chain, word, gig

Mixing, Cutting and Scratching – SLANG: Shorty/shawty, schooled, kicks

Sampling – SLANG: Feel me, the cutties, on point

Styles of Hip Hop Music – Part 1 – SLANG: Go dumb, daps/pounds, rep/reppin/represent

Styles of Hip Hop Music – Part 2 – SLANG: Props, grill, bounce

Beatboxing – SLANG: Lid, swag, spun

Origin of the term Hip Hop – SLANG: Cheese/cheddar, get it twisted, rock

Block Parties – MONEY SLANG: bread, dough, duckets, scrilla, benjamins, c-notes, cabbage, beddie, gouda, grip, paper

Activity: Create Your Own Block Party Flier - MONEY SLANG (PART 2): scratch, bank, dead presidents, ends, chips, lettuce, hundies, gs, scratch, mint paper, green

The History of FUNKMODE – Part 1 – SLANG: On the DL, flip the script, cop

The History of FUNKMODE – Part 2 – SLANG: Flava, OG, serve

Rock Steady Crew – SLANG: Wax/vinyl, decks/wheels, cans

Hip Hop Fashion – SLANG: Threads, ice/bling, throwback

Graffiti – SLANG: Black book, one-liner, cannons (graffiti related)

Kurtis Blow – SLANG: Spin, Keep it 100, Gank

Rewind Quiz – SLANG: Ghost, gaffle, beef

B-boying – SLANG: Sick, bump, fresh

Afrika Bambaataa – SLANG: Fly, Janky/bootsie/wack, Bougie

The Good and the Bad of Hip Hop – SLANG: Dipped, (All) Gravy, Wacksauce

How to contribute to Hip Hop Culture – P1(dance/mc) – SLANG: Heated, Celly, Yay Area (The Yay)

How to contribute to Hip Hop Culture – P2 (music) – SLANG: Fly, grind (on my grind), on blast

How to contribute to Hip Hop Culture – P3 (fashion/graffiti) – SLANG: Come correct, rollin/mob deep, dip

Hip Hop Dance – Freestyling and Choreography – SLANG: Phat, Mad, Cray cray

History of Don Campbell and Locking – SLANG: Ill, Bout It, Holla (holla back)

Hip Hop and Pop Stars – SLANG: Go Off, Buggin/Trippin, Rollin (car)

History of Sam Solomon and Boogaloo/Popping – SLANG: Marinate, Clocked, (The) Spot

New Jack Swing – P1 – SLANG: Chill, Chillin/(Kick[in] it), Scopin’, Gully

New Jack Swing – P2 – SLANG: Flash, Step off, No diggety (no doubt)

Emcees in the R&R HOF P1 – Run-DMC – SLANG: Ridin shotty, Ballin on a budget, frosted

Emcees in the R&R HOF P2 – Beastie Boys – SLANG: Jump-off, Scraper, True dat

Emcees in the R&R HOF P3 – GMF & F5 – SLANG: Heat, Kickin, Busted

Hip Hop Crossover Stars – SLANG: Fire, clean, sketch(y)

State of the Hip Hop Union: Dance – SLANG: Blowin up, Kill(ed/in) it, Skerrd

State of the Hip Hop Union: DJing – SLANG: Rolley, Flex, Drippin

State of the Hip Hop Union: Graffiti – SLANG: Writer, Throw up, Bomb

State of the Hip Hop Union: MCing – SLANG: Drop, Off the dome, Personals

A Guide to Writing Rhymes and Songs – SLANG: Diss, Cypher, Set it off

A Guide to Creating Hip Hop Dances – SLANG: Lampin/Postin, Act right, What's crackin? / Let's get it crackin!

I Am Hip Hop P1: Introduction – SLANG: On lock, On the ____ tip, Big ups.

I Am Hip Hop P2: Dance – SLANG: Come up, Mainy, (Get) Buck

I Am Hip Hop P3: Music – SLANG: Flow, Bust Out, Tight

I Am Hip Hop P4: Fashion – SLANG: Coolin’, Crib, Down

I Am Hip Hop P5: Language (Graffiti/Slang) – SLANG: Peace out, All love, Homie (homeboy)

Working with Limitations in Hip Hop P1 - Deaf MCs & DJs – SLANG: Straight, My Bad, Tims

Working with Limitations in Hip Hop P2 – Dancers – SLANG: Peeps, Living Large, My Mellow

LL Cool J – SLANG: Wyle Out, Slammin, Bangin

Queen Latifah – SLANG: On the ones and twos, On the hush, On the real

Is Hip Hop Music Appropriate for Kids? – SLANG: Izzo, Izzle talk, Fo’ rizzle, Off the hook, Of da hizzle

Yo! MTV Raps – SLANG: Parlay, On the Under

Inspirational Hip Hop Lyrics – SLANG: Keep it real, Real talk

Becoming a Hip Hop Dancer – Part 1 – INTERVIEW: Mighty of FUNKMODE – SLANG: Oh, snap!, Creepin, Break off

Becoming a Hip Hop Dancer – Part 2 – INTERVIEW: Cara Young of FUNKMODE – SLANG: Hooptie, Buster(ah), Chop it up

Hip Hop Culture Lesson Activity 1 (match fact to answer) – SLANG: Sprung, Dime, Yoked

Hip Hop Culture Lesson Activity 2 (pillars of Hip Hop match) – SLANG: New Jack, Jacked up, Jack

Hip Hop Culture Lesson Activity 3 (crossword puzzle) – SLANG: The Dozens, Celly, Grub

Hip Hop Culture Lesson Activity 4 (word search) – SLANG: Bammer, Burner, Flammy

Hip Hop Culture Lesson Activity 5 (word scramble) – SLANG: All that, A'ite, a'ight, 411

Ice Cube – SLANG: In full effect, Get mind, Get at me

"The Big Sixty" Rewind Test – SLANG: Around the way, Blowin' up the spot, Sure shot

Emcees in the R&R HOF P4 – Public Enemy – SLANG: Half-steppin

The Court Case that Forever Changed Hip Hop Music – SLANG: ain't mad

Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship – SLANG: bae

Interview (Part 1) - Egyptian Lover – SLANG: 5150

Interview (Part 2) - Egyptian Lover – SLANG: Boom Box

Why Educate Yourself About Hip Hop? – SLANG: Fell Off

Interview (Part 1) - Rahfeal Gordon - Hip Hop Saved My Life – SLANG: Dirt

Interview (Part 2) - Rahfeal Gordon - Hip Hop Saved My Life – SLANG: Hype Man

Famous Hip Hop Sampling – SLANG: What it do?

How School Learning Applies to Hip Hop – SLANG: Throw shade

How Hip Hop Music is Made – SLANG: Shady

The Rise of Old School Hip Hop Music: Good or Bad? – SLANG: Stunt/Stuntin'/Stuntin' on em

Activity: Hip Hop Foundation Creation – SLANG: Hit me up

How to Apply the Hip Hop Attitude to Everyday Life – SLANG: Flip it

How to Choose Hip Hop Music That Is Right For You – SLANG: Raise Up