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Measures to protect our
students during the pandemic

1) Masks are required for everyone and are not to be removed at any time while in the studio. If you cannot dance with a mask, you cannot attend classes in-person at this time.

2) Each person tests for fever through a no-touch body temperature reading before being admitted to class.

3) Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and in the classroom.

4) Only the Elements room (large room) is used. The rest of the studio is closed.

5) Entry and exit to the Elements room is through the large roll-up door. It stays open at all times.

6) In the case of multiple classes on the same day, class times are staggered so no group is arriving and departing at the same time. This also gives us time to clean between classes.

7) Students are requested to remain in their vehicle, or stand in the parking lot with responsible social distancing, until admitted into class as a group.

8) To maintain appropriate social distancing, a maximum of 15 students are allowed in any class. Additional students can still join online through Zoom.

9) The Elements room is marked/numbered with tape to give each student a place to stand. These spots are spaced to allow proper social distancing.

10) There are also numbered spots where you can place your personal items. We ask that you bring only essential items to class.

11) Upon entry, each student is assigned a number. This number corresponds to the place you will stand for class and the place where you can store your personal items.

12) Students are requested to use the restrooms only if absolutely necessary. The Elements room sink is not be available for use.

13) Fortunately, in a dance class, there is no need to touch/hold things. However, students are still being reminded to not touch each other, walls, mirrors or doors.

14) If movements using the floor are done, we ask that you bring a mat. Otherwise, we will not be doing any movement or choreography where touching the floor with anything other than your feet is necessary.