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Theater and dance have been a part of Ryana's life since age 3, her first main part was when she played Mowgli from "The Jungle Book". She also took Ballet, Jazz, and Tap but none of them fit her outgoing personality as much as Hip Hop did. Ryana became a part of FUNKMODE at age 8 and ever since it has become like a second home, this year she joined the miniMODE crew and is excited to learn more about the history of Hip Hop and improve her dancing. FUNKMODE has given Ryana the opportunity to get closer to all of the wonderful people in minimode C-Bass, CFZ, Zoco, Sparky, Lil Deezy, Wild, Fiery, Spark, Javeed, Eric and Nyah. FUNKMODE is the place where Ryana met her best friend Heather Hutchcraft or otherwise known as "Double H". They met during one of FUNKMODE's extremely fun Halloween Jams. There they had the opportunity to bond and become extremely close while laughing and dancing together on one of FUNKMODE's light up boxes. FUNKMODE has taught Ryana the value of friendship and letting people be who they are. This wonderful place has allowed her to see it is okay to be different.


Fun Facts

- I have a brother that is 2 years younger than me named Riley
- I have an irrational fear of clowns
- I sing as a part of the San Francisco children's musical theater or (SFCMT)
- I have modeled in New York and Los Angeles
- I love dogs
- I was one of the best players on my soccer team before spraining my ankle
- I am a Junior Lifeguard
- I have never broken a bone although I sprain things frequently

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