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FM Fall Fix Schedule

FUNKMODE has never been about expecting the world to change itself to serve our interests. COVID-19 has created obstacles to how we serve our community and cut us off from huge portions of our FUNKMODE family. After months of brainstorming, we are ready to overcome those obstacles and get back to spreading all love to all of you. Enter the FUNKMODE Fall Fix, a series of classes and events built on a foundation we are calling "responsible normalcy". This bundle of Fall festivities was created to bring back the happiness that you have come to expect from us in a socially safe manner. Whether you are able to come to the studio, join us online, or check-in through social media, we've got something here for you to resume having some serious fun(k) in 2020.

Description of Events

Club FUNKMODE: Lady Gaga Edition - Though we are wearing masks, keeping responsibly distanced and reducing capacity (15 students max), we are bringing back our beloved Club FUNKMODE. For the uninitiated, this is where we host a themed 1-hour cardio class, followed by an open session of dancing and socializing. This time, our theme is Lady Gaga, which means her music will consume our playlist and, if the mood hits you, you are welcome to come dressed in your Gaga-inspired best. Adults only.
10/24, Saturday, 8pm - Sign up using the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

Street Sign Waving (FREE) - Best way to explain it is checking out this article. We're getting together a small group and taking some time to hit Willow Pass Road during traffic time to spread some all love to our community.
11/6, Friday, 4pm - Sign up by emailing

MOVE! Strength - You've told us that gyms closing have hampered your workouts. So, we're bringing back our strength training class to help you get them muscles working. In contrast to our MOVE! Sweat classes on Thursdays, this 6-week class will focus exclusively on strength training. No equipment or previous experience is necessary. We're offering this six-week class for only $60.
11/6-12/18, Fridays, 7pm - Sign up using the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

Drive-in Disney Sing-a-long (FREE) - We're converting our parking lot into a drive-in, projecting lyrics on to the side of our building, and blasting music so families can sit in their cars and sing along.
11/7, Saturday, 6:30-8pm - Sign up by emailing

Outdoor Hip Hop Class - Not ready to be indoors yet but want to get back in class? For you, we movin' outside! Same great instruction, no walls or roof. And, we're doing one for kids and one for adults to cover all ages. $60 for the six week session. Limited to 10 people per class. Classes will be held outside our studio location.
11/8-12/20, Sundays, 10am, Youth - Sign up using the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.
11/8-12/20, Sundays, 11am, Adult - Sign up using the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

Yoga Class (FREE) - One of our long-term students, Kendra, is a professional Yoga instructor. To help give back to the FUNKMODE family that she says has given so much to her, she has offered to teach a free Yoga class for you. This class will not be the typical Yoga/Vinyasa routine. Instead, it will feature a fusion of Yoga, other gentle movements and self care practices, to support stress resilience and the immune system. It will end with a chant or music to uplift you and leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected to yourself and fellow humans. No experience necessary. Adults only.
11/8, Sunday, 12:30pm - Sign up by emailing

Drive-in Rap-a-long (FREE)- Roll-up in your ride, grab a parking spot, then get ready to rhyme. We're playing the songs you know so you can sit in your vehicle and flow. Adults only.
11/13, Friday, 8pm - Sign up by emailing

Flash Mob @ The Veranda Shopping Center in Concord (FREE) - We haven't done a flash mob in a while. But, this feels like just the thing we need to put some smiles on some faces in our community and let us dancers scratch our performance itch. We will be sending out a choreography video so you can learn the dance at home. Anyone who is able to learn the moves is welcome to join. And, in keeping with our commitment to responsible normalcy, masks and social distancing will be required.
11/21, Saturday, General time: Early Evening, Specific time: To be announced - Sign up by emailing

Coloring Party (FREE) - Bring your books, markers, pencils, and crayons and come to FUNKMODE Studios for some socializing and creative coloring. Masks and social distancing required.
12/5, Saturday, 3-5pm - Sign up by emailing

Park Hip Hopping (FREE) - We're gonna take a tour through some local parks and host 15-20min Hip Hop classes for whoever is there. Everything we do will be super easy to follow and geared towards bringing some happiness and funk to the community. This is a great opportunity to get out and dance with your family while spreading some joy on a Sunday. Park hopping route and schedule be posted by 11/29.
12/6, Sunday, 1pm - Sign up by emailing

Drive-in Holiday Sing-a-long (FREE) - Replacing our rained-out Drive-in Rap-a-long from 11/13, we're gonna keep the parking lot theme and switch it to a holiday sing-a-long event for the entire family. And, this time we're gonna funk it up with even more fun between songs :)
12/12, Saturday, 5:30pm - Sign up by emailing

Quarantine Talent Show (FREE) - What is this, amateur hour? Yes, yes it is. A lot of us have tried new things, gained new hobbies and acquired new skills while we've been quarantined at home. During the week of 12/14, we'll be driving everyone to social media to make posts of each person showing off their new abilities and interests to entertain and inspire our FUNKMODE family.
12/14-12/18, Monday-Friday - We'll be in contact through email and social media to tell you how to participate.

Tween & Teen Chats (FREE) - SarahAngel will host three virtual gatherings for our students ages 11-18. During these Zoom sessions, there'll be space to talk, vent, play games, and just generally socialize.
11/5, 11/12, 11/19, Thursdays, 5pm - Sign up by emailing

Quote, Cara, Question Of The Week (FREE) - Every week through the rest of the session, SarahAngel, Cara and Mighty will be posting on social media in such a way as to generate online conversation and interaction. Mondays will be SarahAngel posting her favorite words of wisdom with the Quote Of The Week. Wednesdays will be Cara being Cara with the Cara Of The Week. Fridays will be Mighty digging into your mindgrapes with the Question Of The Week. Join us online for some FUNKMODE family bonding!
11/2-12/18, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays - More info to come on social media

Donations to FUNKMODE - You asked. We're answering. To find out how you can support FUNKMODE, click on this link.



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Outdoor Hip Hop - Youth


Outdoor Hip Hop - Adult