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Short story: You have asked many times. We are finally listening. If you would like to support FUNKMODE through this time, point your PayPal or Venmo app to and send whatever you like.

If you don't have a PayPal or Venmo account, you can make your donation through this link ...


Donation Wall: As a thank you, and to provide an awesome visual demonstration of your love for our FUNKMODE family, we are going to create a donation wall at the studio. This wall will feature a red cassette tape with your name on it. Everyone who makes any donation will be celebrated with a cassette (but, maybe if you donate a gajillion dollars we'll ice out your cassette with diamonds or something). We won't be putting amounts on these, just names, and forever more we'll have a monument in our studio to the moment where we all came together to put our valuable things towards something we truly valued.

Donation Cassette


Long story: So often since quarantine began, we have been asked by students and friends if they could send us money to help us with the significant loss of business we have faced. Unlike many dance studios/companies, we are not a non-profit. We see what we do as an even exchange. We educate and entertain. You throw money at us because you think that education and entertainment is worth that money. Therefore, every time we have been asked about donations, we have pushed you away saying something like, "We appreciate the thought, but we're fine. If you want to give us money, sign up for class." This response was fine in our minds, but created two problems ... one for you and one for us. In your case, those of you who were not able to come to class for different reasons were left with no outlet to show your love and support financially. And, those of you who would usually support us by taking multiple classes, going to our shows, buying merchandise, etc., were left without those avenues and given none as a replacement. For us, the problem was more spiritual/ideological. When considering how to move forward in the face of this global pandemic, we kept finding ourselves less interested with replacing lost profits and WAY more interested in finding new ways to support our FUNKMODE family. So many of our ideas had no economic advantage to us and we didn't care. We just kept thinking about the individuals and families we knew that were suffering and needing to regain some sense of normalcy in their lives. When we finalized this whole FUNKMODE Fall Fix thing, it was booked with tons of great free events. Awesome. We were giving to our people and that's exactly what we most wanted to do. HOWEVER, we also started to realize that doing this made us huge hypocrites. Giving is a two-way street. If we were going to open our hands to support you, we were also going to have to leave them open to allow you to support us. Giving is a love language, it is a means of allowing an exchange of positive energy between people. By closing ourselves off to receiving from you, we were throwing a wall up to that exchange. With this new awareness, we realized we could no longer say no. Therefore, we have finally opened our hearts to accepting that in order to really be about all love, that love has to be allowed to flow both ways. So, if you see the value in supporting us in this way, we are now graciously accepting your contribution in the spirit of all love.


If you'd rather watch Mighty speak on it instead of read the above, check out this video.