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Our classes are first and foremost comprised of 100% fun(k). However, that fun is created in a peer-reviewed scientific laboratory by eggheads who know eggactly how much of what Hip Hop and dance elements to combine to create the perfect classes. To understand their magnificent triumph of class engineering proficiency, we have provided the FUNKMODE class curriculum.


"I truly enjoy this class for two reasons, the first is I am not the person that PURPOSELY sweats and when I left the class on Saturday my hair was dripping ... SO NOT ME!! And the other is I love the structure of the class and the friendliness!" - Nicole M.

In our adult classes, we play it a little more fast and loose than our classes for kids because adults don't like being encumbered by rules and structure and laws and taxes and stuff. But here're some things we do do. (don't you even go there)

Hip Hop Class

- Three to five minute warm-up (same sequence of moves every class set to a slammin Hip Hop track)
- Fifteen to thirty minutes of teacher-led high energy freestyle to get your heart rate up
- Stretching throughout the warm-up
- Five to eight minutes of strengthening exercises
- Choreography for the remaining time
- Each piece of choreography is built for three weeks
- A video recording of the choreography is done on the third week of each dance
- The third dance of each session is a specialty dance
- One "Bring-a-friend" day each session

FUNKMODE Adult and Youth Hip Hop Dance Class Photo


“If my son was able to focus in school the way he did watching you his teacher would be thrilled! You are exactly what I wanted to see! You seem to really enjoy the kids and your selection of music was great. It was obvious that you had a plan set up and were completely prepared. I was really impressed.” - S. Klemens, Vallejo


Hello Parents!

If your kid is in our program chances are you’ve got a little one who can’t stop moving in the presence of music. Maybe you even have one that can’t stop moving period. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Making sure your children have a constructive outlet for their creativity and energy is very important to us. Without classes such as ours, many kids get unfairly labeled as being hyperactive and ill-behaved. Please be aware that MANY adults in the performing arts were burdened with the same labels as children. As an organization of “hyperactive” performing artists, we often find it amusing that adults who groan at (and go to great lengths to avoid) mandatory meetings, tranings and lectures expect little children to endure them day after day without complaint. Our classes are also of great benefit to those children who are disposed to shyness or insecurity. Most education teaches kids to quiet down, not speak up. Our program is designed to help children find their voice, but also to know when and how to use it most effectively. This training is essential for both the energetic and the reserved child.

Our curriculum (see above link for a sample of our curriculum) is very specific and week by week your child should be learning new skills and ideas. You can be a big help in this process by asking them what they’ve learned after each class. They should be able to give clear feedback. Our goal is to use games and activities to make learning fun and memorable. We’ll be challenging them to remember and build on what they’ve learned every week. The more this is reinforced at home, the better they’ll do!

From time to time we’ll be sending home reports on your child’s progress. This is a good time to ask us questions or collaborate on ideas that might assist in their education. We are always looking to create the best experience possible for your children. The more we work together, the more the children benefit.

Thank you so much for your continuing support and encouragement! See you in class!

All love - FUNKMODE