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Meet CFZ, the outgoing lier of miniMODE. Wait, that’s not the word. Later? No. Leafer? That’s not a word either! Leififer? Now you’re just mixing all the words together. Quick, think! Leader! That’s the word!

Through reading that, you have just experienced what a conversation with CFZ is like - or, as it is more eloquently put - a chaotic mess of mixed-up syllables and ideas.

Though her speech is far from the best, the rest of her more than makes up for it. She uses her quick (and scatterbrained) mind to do an array of things, from organizing people to working the front desk to creating colorful illustrations to imagining new creations and choreography. No topic or project is safe from her. Like some sort of deranged koala bear, she finds a new assignment and clings on, seeing it through to completion with the absolute best of her ability. That’s not to say she doesn’t love her people. She enjoys leading the miniMODE team and finds it immensely satisfying and humbling, absolutely honored to be trusted by others to the point they allow her to have this position. The love she harbors for them is nearly overwhelming.

As much as she loves working with miniMODE, CFZ has accepted that this year will be her last. After joining in the early beginnings of “miniMODE Jr.”, she has danced in FUNKMODE for nearly ten years and danced with miniMODE for nearly four. Now she’s too tall and too old to be in miniMODE any longer - she probably needs a cane or something. Though her time in miniMODE is coming to an end, her time in FUNKMODE seems to just be beginning. Working on several projects and ideas behind the scenes, CFZ will be improving her chaotic dance moves for as many years as possible. She’s ready to tackle any new projects sent her way, especially when it’s with the people she loves in the studio she’s always adored.

It’s time to shine! Time to work! And it’s time to appreciate the time with loved ones while it lasts! CFZ is here and ready to give 110%, and she’ll stay for longer than is likely necessary. If you see her around the studio, don’t forget to say pie! No, rye!



Might Want To Read These Fun Facts ...

- Loves to draw, but is too perfectionistic to complete most illustrations
- Absolutely adores her wonderful bird (and her three cats I guess)
- Speaking of cats - her sister, CutieCat, is a founding member of miniMODE and was the reason she got into FUNKMODE in general
- Has a black belt in Taekwondo that she has decided to hang up
- Nevertheless, she still absolutely loves the thrill of a good fight
- Can’t stand tomatoes (only pure! Anything mashed is Wonderful)
- Loves her team so much and hopes they all know just how much she loves them

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