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C-Bass is in his third year of miniMODE and is thirteen years of age, but since time is just a concept, that doesn’t matter. FUNKMODE has always been a big part of his life, and he can’t imagine where he’d be without it. That’s why miniMODE is so important to him. It truly is his second family.

However, C-Bass didn’t make the journey to miniMODE alone, however. He had many people help him along his path. While there are many to be listed, the most notable ones are CFZ and Lil Deezy. C-Bass has always looked up to CFZ as an inspiration, and one day hopes to be as much of a leader and comedian as she is. Lil Deezy, on the other hand, has always been a close personal friend of his, whom he feels he could tell anything.

miniMODE has been a vital part of C-Bass’ life, and he will forever treasure his time with these talented people.


he Facts That Are Probably Important So You Should Read Them

1. I’m obsessed with cats
2. And books
3. And true crime
4. My life’s goal is to work with children for a living, via teaching, medical care, or through being their dance instructor
5. I’ve got three cats (Not nearly enough)
6. My favorite color is clear
7. My favorite food is sushi
8. My hair is my canvas, and eventually I want to have as many colors as possible in there
9. I go to the Contra Costa School of Performing Arts (CoCoSPA), and I major in theater

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