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When people call or email us to ask about coming to take a Hip Hop dance class, we usually hear the same few questions ...

- Am I going to be the oldest one?
- Am I going to be the youngest one?
- Am I going to be the only one who doesn't know what I'm doing?
- Is everyone like, professionals?
- Is it okay if I'm really out of shape?
- Is it going to be like crazy hard?

Actual FUNKMODE Students Photos 1

So, we thought it would be helpful to let you know who is actually taking a Hip Hop dance class.

We have students in their 70s. We have preschoolers. We have doctors and lawyers. We have working mothers and stay-at-home dads. We have pregnant women and unpregnant men. We have people who are awesome at freestyling but horrible at following choreography. We have siblings. We have parents and their children. We have ex-professional dancers who haven't danced in a while. We have professional dancers. We have business owners and CEOs. We have college students. We have college dropouts. We have blind students (no lie). We have people who are really good at memorizing moves but don't know what to do when asked to "just dance". We have ex-ravers. We have people who haven't danced since disco was big. We have reporters and politicians. We have millionaires and people who haven't made their first dollar yet. We have foreigners who speak little to no English. We have people who live over an hour away from the studio. We have people who live down the street. We have adults who have never taken a dance class before in their lives. We have people who will probably be famous from dancing one day. We have athletes, ballerinas, tap dancers, african dancers, indian dancers, chinese dancers, south american dancers (but not Canadian dancers ... kidding, only kidding, we have Canucks too). We have people looking for a social outlet. We have fitness experts. We have people who are certified couch potatoes. We have all kinds of students in our classes and we welcome ALL OF THEM with open arms.

Actual FUNKMODE Students Photos 2

The main point to take away here is that you are highly unlikely to fit into a category that we haven't encountered before. And, if you are that unique, we will be super happy to have you because you'll help us expand even further the range of diversity we've encountered. We love you exactly as you are and, if you want to dance, exactly how and who you are is perfect. You need nothing more than the desire. We can teach the rest.

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Here is what's most important ... YOU need to be able to accept YOU for who you are today and what you want to be tomorrow. If you don't let yourself get caught up in all the labels that would keep you from doing what you really want, you will be fine. Hip Hop can be learned by anyone. Respect the art form, put forth the effort and time will take care of the rest.

Long story short: people like YOU take a Hip Hop dance class.

All love - FUNKMODE

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