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"Thanks for returning my email. Antarctica loves FUNKMODE!!! Even the penguins are rump shakin! I love dancing so much. I cannot get enough of your FUNKMODE videos! My group here on base watches them and then we teach ourselves the dances." - Travis G.

Instructional Dance Videos

Adult Dance Class Videos

Youth Dance Class Videos

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miniMODE Videos (Youth Performance Company)

Adult Hip Hop Dance Class Video

While we do more than just choreography in our adult and youth classes, every three weeks or so we create a new dance and teach it to our students. We then record the dance, professionally edit it, and then post it online. Most of the videos are also available on YouTube and there you can get more in depth descriptions of what inspired each dance and song choice. All of this will give you a more complete sense of what to expect when you're new to FUNKMODE. And for those who haven't been new to FUNKMODE for a loooong time, it gives them a chance to see their progress and show off their general coolness to family and friends anywhere in the world.

Youth Hip Hop Dance Class Video

The FUNKMODE Performance Company produces their own videos encompassing everything from comedy to Hip Hop dance to Jazz dance to Stepping. We've produced a lot of fun stuff over the years and you can see it all here.

FUNKMODE Performance Video Screenshot

We also produce instructional dance videos for our students all over the world.

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