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(no, it doesn't stand for A.s Q.uasimodo ... did you just make that up?)


FUNKMODE is a production company for online and live entertainment and performing arts education.

What does FUNKMODE mean?

FUNKMODE (fungk’mod) n.
1. different, original, relevant, stylish, cutting-edge, trend-setting [from the English funk meaning earthy, creative, unexpected and mode or modern meaning new, fashionable, contemporary, avant-garde, experimental]
2. a state of being characterized by exceptional originality and relevance: When Marvin Gaye wrote “What’s Goin’ On” he was in FUNKMODE.
3. a style of dance created by combining and juxtaposing elements of Modern and Hip Hop music and movement.
4. an entertainment and education production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. (

Where is FUNKMODE located?

In the hearts of all God's children. In the sparkles of a rainbow. On the wings of birds and butterflies. Wherever dreamers dream or call out for a light when the world has gone cold and forgotten the awesome power of the indomitable human spirit - aka SF Bay Area, California. (studio's in Pleasant Hill)

How can I contact FUNKMODE?

Check out our contact us page and you can reach any member of the FUNKMODE Crew directly. You can also call us at 1-888-FUNKMODE (386-5663). You can friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube ... Instagram ... LinkedIn ... whateves, we're out there.

Can I hire FUNKMODE?

So long as you're not like that creepy Mr. Redford making an indecent proposal, then yeah, you can hire us. We offer birthday parties, private lessons, after school programs, and we do special events, flash mobs and all kinds of other fun dance stuffs. Give us a call @ 1-888-FUNKMODE (386-5663) or contact us and we'll take care of you. If you need something not listed, let us know and we'll see if we can help.

Does FUNKMODE have a mission?

We like the ring of “Vying for World Domination!” We were actually going to use it for our slogan, but we didn’t want to get into a big copyright battle with the United States Government who we’re told currently owns the rights to the phrase.

What makes FUNKMODE different from other performance companies?

Maybe it’s the lack of a solid treatment for A.D.D. You see, we have a hard time sticking to one thing and staying in one place. Our performances include everything AND the kitchen sink, not just dancing or acting. And we produce content not just for the stage, but for the net.

So you’re a dance company then?

Umm, no. We dance, yes, but we also love to act, write, produce, sing, compose, design and engage in various other forms of creative craftiness. Whenever you see us live or visit our site, you may catch us doing any or all of these things.

How/When did FUNKMODE start?

Get all your about us stuff by clicking here. THE SHORT VERSION: It started early in the millennium in the minds of two crazy kids who wanted to see what would happen if they started combining all of their favorite entertainment modes and styles (i.e. Hip Hop dance and Modern dance, video and theater, art and entertainment).

How can I support FUNKMODE?

Aww, how sweet of you to ask! You know we haven't given it much thoug ... waaaait a second, what's this numbered list?! Let's see, it says: [1] Buy FUNKMODE stuff [2] Take class [3] Visit our site often [4] Tell your friends about FUNKMODE [5] Get on our email list [6] Audition [7] Send us gifts ... whoa, where'd all that come from?!?

Who designed your site/edits your videos?

Like many of our idols, we like to keep our creative work in-house. We designed/coded our site and we edit/produce our own videos. Our programs of choice are the Adobe Creative Suite and Sony Vegas. When we make music, we use Ableton.

What’s with all the Hip Hop?

Most of that’s Mighty’s fault. He grew up on a steady diet of Hip Hop and he won't give it up without dealing out serious bodily injury. But also, while Hip Hop’s not our only thing, we use it often because [1] We funkin' love it [2] It’s able to be exciting, relevant, popular and substantial all at the same time [3] We're afraid of Mighty.

Can I be part of FUNKMODE?

Yes. EASY WAY: Go to our store and get yourself a nice FUNKMODE T-Shirt or something. That makes you family. HARD WAY: If you're interested in auditioning, contact us and we'll set up a meeting with you.

What/who is your inspiration?

We find the greatest inspiration in multi-talented individuals who do the unexpected and keep it fresh; innovators who are at the top of their game and their field. In a word, we are most moved by Excellence. It's the main quality we seek in ourselves and hope to inspire in others.

What does FUNKMODE want to be when it grows up?

Like, what's our 5-year plan and stuff? Well, ultimately we see ourselves being a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. Our site will be like one big interactive TV station, full of content from every kind of media. With the help of that exposure we’ll travel the globe doing our live shows, and eventually we’ll add and adapt work for TV and film. How's THAT for a plan?

Is there anything FUNKMODE can’t do?

Surprising though it may be, there are a few things: legally re-enter Korea, Argentina, or Texas; the macarena; any talk-show after Conan; say "Norwegian Rap Superstar” with a straight face; come within 50 feet of that blonde cashier at Arby’s; club baby seals; watch old actors kiss young actresses.

Will FUNKMODE make me happy?

Although the most recent studies are currently in the peer-review process, preliminary data suggests that FUNKMODE can be at least as effective as waffles, piñatas or canceled chemistry finals for producing a state of happiness.

Does FUNKMODE work on rashes?

FUNKMODE is generally best when taken internally, however we’re guessing it could heal your skin problems and maybe even alleviate conditions such as gout, restless leg syndrome, elephantitis, zebratitis, March Madness and the seven-year itch.*
*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Why did the chicken cross the road?

In the largest study conducted to date, 10,000 chickens were surveyed over 20 years producing the following revealing responses:
1) 15% consider it an extreme sport
2) 20% lack alternate means of travel
3) 65% stared blindly, occasionally clucking and scratching

My crew's callin' out your crew! Are you down?

Not if you're a crew of: pirates, teamsters, tax lawyers, or carnies. And we're not clear on all of the slang the young kids are using these days, so if by "callin' out" you mean "looking to hire" and by "down" you mean "able to accept various forms of payment", then yes, we're down.

Are you guys serious?

Rarely. If you’re looking for something a bit more PBS might we suggest a quick visit to these guys: We believe the net should be fun, which is why we support sites like this: - Pure comedy!

* to be honest, some of these are actually SAQs (sometimes asked questions), a few are EAQ (eventually asked questions) and most are NRABWFLITAQs (not really asked but we felt like including them anyway questions)