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CutieCat (CUTE, BRILLIANT, SILLY) - FUNKMODE Youth Ambassador

CutieCat has grown up with FUNKMODE and found herself in Hip Hop and this unique family. While at first taking classes was mainly to jam out with friends, she quickly found that the challenges Hip Hop posed were too captivating to ever leave.

As never leave she did, CutieCat has been a part of the miniMODE program since its wee beginnings. And, as she is always striving to improve, she has now taken the FUNKMODE Youth Ambassador position for this innovative new season. Based on a proven track record of solid performance and potential, we are completely confident that she has the ideas, goals, and determination to lead this year's crew to success. This same determination is what has allowed her to make her way past auditions every year with flying colors. She works hard for everything she has and takes nothing for granted.

Speaking of awesome past performances, CutieCat won the "Most Improved" award during her 2010 break-out year, and appropriately, the "Commitment to Improvement" award last year for the aforementioned abilities. She also starred as the main protagonist last year of FUNKMODE's annual Hip Hop musical, her first major acting role. To no one's surprise (except maybe her own), she performed amazingly under the stress of this huge role.

Thanks to her willing attitude and very supportive parents, we’re always able to rely on CutieCat to come through whenever we have another one of our crazy FUNKMODE ideas.

When she's not pursuing her love of dance, CutieCat is lost in a book, winning awards for poetry contests she forgot she entered, and taking cat naps.


CutieCat's Bio Stats

Favorite Quote: Meow
Favorite Book: Cats
Favorite TV Show: Cats
Favorite Everything: Cats
Dance Style: Unique, Wild, Ferocious

Want to know everything about me?
- I speak for myself.
- I have an excellent noggin.
- I want to make you laugh.
- I'm famous.
- I'm not very modest.
- Who ever heard of a non-sassy cat?
- I see in the dark.
- I hate milk, despite any assumptions to the contrary.
- No fish for this carnivorous kitty.
- I own birds but resist temptation.
- I love sunning.
- I <3 music of any kind.
- I'm part of the Russian Meowtherland.
- I met grumpy cat ... he wasn't very friendly.
- I've been a little funkster since 2006.
- I have a little rising star in the form of an annoying little sister.

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