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Song: Grind or Die - Artist: Eve - July 2013

Get "Grind of Die" by Eve off of her "Lip Lock" album @
It's also on iTunes.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Eve still makes music? You thought she was gone or just acting now, right? Yeah, we know. Even she gets that we're all thinking that. She says on this track, "You thought I left. I wasn't gone, I'm just back again. I was overseas making them millions." (But she says it like "mill-ee-yannnnns", which is clever for rhyming but too hard to spell.) After a loooong time of fighting with record companies, she released an album on her own, "Lip Lock", which is awesome. "Who said it's awesome???" We did, stupid. Didn't you just hear us? Geez.

What we particularly like about the album is that it has many dance-able tracks. What you might like about it is that she's not a Nicki Minaj clone. Either way, buy the album. Dance to the tracks and stop trying to rap with an English accent. (sooo annoyiiiing)

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Song: Black Skinhead - Artist: Kanye West - August 2013

Get "Black Skinhead" by Kanye West off of his "Yeezus" album @
It's also on iTunes.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Like most people, we first got smacked in the face by this song when Kanyizzle performed it on SNL. We were all like, "what in the name of Yeezus is this Swift-lover doing now?!?!" Turns out he was makin' hits, yo!

When we heard the actual track recorded (which, unfortunately often sounds better than live performances), we decided to face-smack our own students with it. It turned out to be maybe the most fun we've had with a dance this year. Once you watch it, you'll see what we mean. We got everyone to dress in all black/white, told them to get their scary/angry/disgruntled/sundayschoolnun faces on and then just stomp it out with all the fury of an old man trying to teach ungrateful, entitled brats about the good ol' days.

With the FUNKMODE part, since we knew we were releasing the video around Halloween, we decided to go all freaky-nuts-scary time with it. Since we kept literally freaking our own selves out while choreographing and recording it, we're guessing we were probably on the right track.

Finally, when it came to editing the video, we wanted to keep it as frantic as the song. So, we took a lesson from our favorite action movies and made like a million cuts. We put cuts in our cuts. Now it's perfect for the ADD set. This'll probably go uber-ultra-viral with the under 14 set.

Finally, finally, Happy Birthday to KMDZ who FINALLY turned 21. And yes, we hit Vega$. And yes yes, it was historically epic fun that we will not speak about ever again.As always, thanks for watching, subscribing and supporting the FUNK!

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