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CFZ has earned a spot in miniMODE solely on two things, her uniqueness and her sheer passion for never giving up. Some people even say this is a weakness because she doesn’t know when to stop. CFZ has been with FUNKMODE for about five years and has been in ever since it was called "miniMODE Jr."!

Ok, let’s face it. CFZ is an addict when it comes to mythology. She can’t get enough of it. She can get right into a book of fantasy and mythology and stay there for the rest of the day. Did we mention she’s a book worm? Well, she is. It can be any book and BOOM, it is read and a summary is planted right in her mind ... and then she’ll still reread it a lot. Yay BOOKS! AND ART! (CFZ loves drawing)

But when she’s not digging her nose into books, she loves to do Taekwondo and play with a specific bird she has grown attached to named Zeke. She loves music with really good beats, as well as any song that is upbeat and fast. She has a, uh… very unique style of dancing. Who are we kidding? She loves to let go and go crazy. That is all. MEEP!


Fun Facts

- Slogan: Meep.
- Favorite Book Theme: Fantasy
- Favorite Animal: Birds
- Favorite Hobby: Drawing/Reading
- I love nature
- I love plants
- I love gardening
- I have a LOT of birds
- I haz KITTY!
- Pokémon… LOVE IT!
- Manga addict
- I am amazing
- I am not so modest
- I am a Teaching Assistant in martial arts
- I have a famous older sister ... I'll let you guess.

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